9 Ways to Use Dish Soap


Dish soap is one of those things that has so many different uses! We’ve picked out the top ways in which we like to use dish soap that are a little more on the creative side. We’d love to hear about any dish soap hacks or uses that you have as well!

Wash Your Windows

To really get your windows squeaky clean, use about 3-4 drops of dish soap in a gallon of water and use as a cleaning spray!

Homemade Bubbles for The Kids

Who knew! All it takes is a little equal part dish soap and warm water mixed with either glycerin or Karo syrup and voila - bubbles for the kids!

Unclog a Toilet

Squirt some dish soap into the toilet and follow with a bucket of hot water!

Kids Toy Wash

Make up a soap solution of water and dish soap. Submerge each water-friendly toy and scrub until clean!

Non-Toxic Lubricant for Squeaky Doors

Instead of using the typical oil-based spray to relieve squeaky doors, try just a couple drops of dish soap to get the same results!

Inflatable Kids Pool Cleaner

We advise washing these out every couple of weeks, especially if they’re constantly holding water! Use a dish soap and water solution to scrub clean. Don’t forget to dry it out to prevent any mildew from accumulating!

Pet Wash

The perfect summer activity for the kids! Make up a soapy tub full water and dish soap and start scrubbing your dogs down!

Eyeglass / Sunglass Cleaner

Place a drop of dish soap on each lens and thoroughly wipe with your fingers while rinsing under warm water. Be sure to dry with a dish towel to avoid scratching!

Driveway Cleaner

Dish soap is great for cleaning up oil stains on driveways or garages. First, cover the stained area with kitty litter for an hour, then use a water and dish soap solution to scrub clean.