7 Tips for Getting Pollen Our of Your Home


Wash or Wipe Off Shoes & Outerwear -

This is a big one! Even though pollen season is over, your jacket and outerwear probably still has some pollen hiding out on it. Just a quick wipe down of shoes with a disinfectant wipe will have them clean as new and pollen free. Wash all outerwear on a regular washing cycle.

Wash Your Car -

FINALLY! Gone are the days of green-tinted cars littering the streets! Your car is most susceptible to accumulating the most amount of pollen out of all the items on your list. Be sure to spend ample time washing and waxing the outside of your car. And don’t forget to detail the inside as well, since pollen can easily sneak in through the opening/closing of doors and windows. A couple of regular washes after a deep clean/detail should have the pollen gone for good!

Wash the Windows –

You can buy an inexpensive window cleaner at the store that easily hooks up to your outdoor hose. Once you’re done spraying down the outside of the windows, wipe out the window sills on the inside with a rag to ensure every drop of pollen in accounted for!

Empty Your Vacuum –

This one seems obvious but it’s most often gets overlooked! Chances are, you’re vacuum is still housing all those pollens, so even if it’s not quite time to empty out your vacuum, just do it. All the pollen that you so diligently worked to get out of your home during the pollen season madness is just hiding out in the vacuum. If you really want to go the extra mile, take apart your vacuum to thoroughly clean the hosts and other parts of the vacuum that likely still have pollen hanging out in. And don’t forget to do it outside of the house!

Power Wash -

Is anyone else obsessed with the power of power-washing? There is truly no better feeling than having a power-washer in your hand and slowly watching all the dirt and grime on your house and outdoor areas wash away! This is the perfect way to start the summer months. It will not only wash away all the pollen and have you feeling fresh, but it will also reset your home making it look brighter and cleaner overall. We definitely recommend doing this before setting out any patio furniture for the season. Which leads us to our next recommendation!

Clean Any Outdoor Furniture –

If you didn’t have time to put away the outdoor couch cushions and other trinkets before the end of last year’s summer season, be sure to spend some time thoroughly cleaning in order to get the layers of pollen off! And a little suggestion if we may, next year be sure to store all outdoor furniture and only bring it out yearly, in order to avoid having to thoroughly clean after pollen season.

Clean Commonly Used Items -

You’d be surprised how easily it is to forget regular cleaning of these items! We like to think that the end of pollen season is an excuse to really have a fresh start to the warm weather, and cleaning commonly used items is a perfect way to start. We recommend washing all blankets and throw pillow cases that could potentially be harboring old pollen and other allergens. Just a simple wash on a regular cycle should do the trick!