West Domestic will neither sell nor share your information with outside companies or third parties.

When booking an appointment with West Domestic, your name, home address, phone number, e-mail address, and credit card information are collected and stored. Providing this information allows West Domestic to render services and for billing purposes. We respect your privacy by not selling or sharing this information.

Protecting your information is our highest priority.



Terms and Conditions


Arrival Times:

We do our best to be prompt and meet the cleaning time indicated, but traffic and other clients may affect our schedule. Be advised that home detailers can arrive 30 minutes before or after to your scheduled timeframe. If no arrival time is indicated, then the cleaning will be completed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00p.m. Our home detailers appreciate your flexibility. When possible, please allow for an open time frame rather than an exact arrival time.

Late Cancellation/No Show Fees:

If you wish to cancel or reschedule a cleaning appointment, at least 72 business hours' notice (excluding weekends) is required. We must adhere strictly to this policy in order to prevent lost wages for your home detailers.

If a cleaning appointment is cancelled less than 72 hours in advance, or if the home detailer is unable to enter the house, a cancellation fee of 50% of that cleaning's cost will be charged. If a cleaning is rescheduled by the client less than 72 hours in advance, rather than cancelled, a fee of $25.00 will be charged.

On the rare occasion that West Domestic, LLC must cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment with less than a 72 hour notice, and has no available openings for another cleaning appointment within the next five business days, the next cleaning will be provided at half price.

On the rare occasion that West Domestic, LLC must reschedule an appointment with less than a 72 hours advance notice, a $25.00 credit will be offered on the next cleaning. If our offer to reschedule is refused by the client for any reason, no credit will be granted.

Weather Related Cancellation/Rescheduling:

West Domestic, LLC reserves the right to change, cancel or reschedule due to inclement weather. Safety is a priority for our home detailers.

*72 hour notice and $25 credit do not apply


Payment must be made the day of scheduled appointment or no later than two business days of invoice. Returned checks are subject to a $36.00 processing fee, and may incur late payment fees if the issue is not immediately remedied.

Assigned Home Detailer(s):

Your assigned home detailer(s) will be your default with the exception of illness, vacation, personal emergency, or an ongoing schedule change. In the event that your default home detailer(s) has an ongoing schedule change or no longer works here, s/he will be replaced with another trained home detailer who will have your home's customized scope of work.

Loss or Breakage:

Please report breakage or damages within 24 hours of service. West Domestic, LLC is licensed and insured.

Our Guarantee

West Domestic, LLC strives to provide exceptional cleaning services for our clients. If you are unsatisfied with any cleaning service provided, please notify us within 24 hours of service in order for our team to address and correct the problem. If the problem involves the quality of service we have provided, we pledge to correct the problem at no charge to compensate for your inconvenience. If we do not receive notice of a problem within 24 hours of the cleaning, or if you decide to correct the problem yourself, we will not be able to correct the problem for you nor will you be compensated for your inconvenience.


- West Domestic Management