Easy Summer DIY Projects


We love a good DIY projects and with summer officially here, we’ve scoured the internet for the most tasteful DIY summer projects! These projects are easy-peasy and will have your outdoor area looking spiffed up and ready for entertaining.

DIY Stamped Doormat


Could these be any cuter? We think not. You can purchase a plain outdoor mat at Target or on Amazon for a relatively inexpensive price. Lemons or oranges would also be a fun detail to add!

Tin Can Luminaries


Via  inhabitat

There are perfect to add to your backyard patio table, or lining your patio. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - adding some sort of lighting to your outdoor space is such a quick and easy way to elevate the ambiance.

Recycled Tire Seat Idea

YES! Finally a DIY project that doesn’t look like a DIY project. Not only is this super easy and inexpensive, but it’s all outdoor ready material. We suggest adding these as a table or for extra seating around the bonfire.

DIY Mason Jar Bug Repellant

Citronella candles can be so expensive! Creating your own natural bug repellant is a great solution, and we’ve found the perfect place for it. Mason jars are all the rave and are relatively inexpensive. Whip these up and place around the social area of your outdoor space to keep it bug free and the conversation flowing.

Tree Stump Side Table

Outdoor-ready, this tree stump side table is the perfect accessory to add near your outdoor seating to use as a drink table. We also recommend doing 3-5 to at different heights to add as a decorative touch to your outdoor patio!