Unclean Cleaning? Is That a Thing?

Why We Love Our All-Natural Cleaners


West Domestic elevates cleaning with expert services, but what sets us apart is our attention to every detail, including the use of all-natural cleaners.

Why should our choice in all-natural cleaning products matter to you?  It means that West Domestic uses the safest, best performing products available without all the extra harsh chemicals that are toxic for you, your family, and your home.  This dedication to providing “clean cleanings” means that you will return home to a space that is clean, refreshed, and truly healthy.

A home doesn't need to smell like chemicals and bleach to be clean and sanitized. Cleaning products don’t need neon dyes, and they shouldn’t smell strongly of perfumes. These manufactured scents just cover up existing smells and we have just been trained to associate their fragrance with cleanliness - clean simply smells clean. Currently, there is no regulation that require cleaning product manufacturers to list their ingredients on their packaging.  Many times, these cleaners contain ingredients such as dyes, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, sulfonates, petroleum-based cleaning agents, and petrochemical solvents. It is becoming more and more common for people to have chemical sensitivities so it is important you know what is in your cleaners. Not knowing what cleaning products are being used at your home may mean that they are using products that are toxic or unsafe for your home.

It is true that most cleaning companies use some variety of “environmentally friendly” products when they clean a home, but that doesn't mean that they are using all-natural cleaners. Products and ingredients that are labeled biodegradable aren’t always safe for humans and their animal companions. Many commercially used cleaning products incorporate aggressive solvents that are technically “plant-based,” but can be damaging to surfaces, furniture, and your health. Even arsenic is a naturally-occurring compound in some plants and it would be silly to assume that is automatically safe due to its source.

What makes a “West Domestic, Clean Cleaning” different?  It is in our use of natural, plant-derived products that are free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and petroleum solvents. These products are also biodegradable, packaged in recyclable containers, and never tested on animals. This kind of clean is good for your family, your house, the environment, and our furry friends. This is a clean that you can feel good about.

For a full list of the products we use along with their ingredients, please contact us at hello@westdomestic.com.