Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Spring cleaning is a PAIN in the you know what, we understand. That's why we have created the master of all spring cleaning checklists! In this blog, you will see the lists with some tips, tricks and hacks attached for some of those more pesky tasks! All different types of closets are throughout this list so we've found two great articles about organizing closets here and here.




  • Purge Cabinets, Drawers, Closets

  • Put Away Winter Clothing

  • Organize Nightstands

  • Rotate and Clean Matress (Flip Over & Put Head At Foot)

  • Dry Clean Bedset

Living Room

  • Purge Media Cabinets & Bookshelves

  • Sanitize/Wipe Down Electronics

  • Vacuum Under Furniture & Under/Between Couch Cushions

  • Clean Out Fireplace & Get Chimney Swept

  • Wipe Down TV Screens


  • Deep Clean Toilets, Sinks, & Bathtubs

  • Purge Cabinets, Organize

  • Mop

  • Replace Shower Liner

  • Scrub & Repair Grout (if necessary)

  • Caulk around tub, sink & shower (if necessary)

  • Clean Out & Organize Linen Closet

Laundry Room

Garage - Attic - Basement



  • Collect Chargers/USB's & Put In One Place

  • Backup All Pictures & Videos from Phones & Cameras

  • Clean Up/Clean Out DVR Library

  • Update Email/Phone Contacts


Kiddie Stuff

  • Purge/Donate Old Clothing (Helpful Hint! Make A List Of 'Needs' As You Go So You Know Which Clothes Are Needed)

  • Clean Out Diaper Bag and/or Book Bags

  • Sort Through, Organize & Sanitize Toys

  • Deep Clean Bath Toys

  • Match Socks & Toss Individuals

  • Make Sure Raincoats & Rain Boots Are The Right Size


  • Update First Aid Kit

  • Toss Expired Medicines

  • Toss Expired Makeup

  • Clean Makeup Brushes

  • Organize Coat Closet

  • Clean Out & Organize Purses & Wallets

We know, we know. This is A LOT... and we might be just a little crazy or OCD. Either way, I bet you never thought of all the different things that needed to be checked or taken care of yearly. We understand how overwhelming it can be to incorporate this monster of a list into your every day life between work, sports games, lessons, and just general LIFE. Let West Domestic help you with your spring cleaning list! For the more complicated jobs, we also have a list of trusted vendors that we can refer you to!

Thank you for reading! And remember, stay organized! :)