How to make the most out of your kitchen

Have you ever sat there, completely defeated at the complexity of your kitchen? There are SO many moving parts. How do you organize it all? How do you KEEP it organized? Well, we've come across some great tried and true tips from many different people out there and we wanted to share those with you!

Let's focus on your pesky cabinets. Sometimes it starts to feel like they become this black hole of a catch-all. The pots and pans become this intimidating leaning tower of pisa, your spice cabinet is an absolute joke, and your pantry? FORGET IT!

Pans and lids, this is an excellent way to organize them. You can mount the rack horizontally AND vertically. You no longer have to cringe when the leaning tower of pans or lids tumble over and wake up everyone in the house.

No, we haven't forgotten about the pots. Tara Dennis had a great idea with storing pots (and pans) on hooks.

If your pots don't have a hole in their handle, you could always go the old fashion route of stacking them OR you could make the investment to really get organized with this guy.

Aluminum foil , press and seal, cling wrap... there is no designated space. An eye sore on top of the refrigerator? Crammed into an already full pantry? Wasting an entire drawer on them? Nope! We have another cabinet-esque solution for you! Magazine holders! Mount one to the inside of your cabinet to maximize the space in your kitchen. Can't mount it? No problem. Stack them in the magazine holder and put them in your pantry. Easy coming out and easy going in. Read more at Apartment Therapy.

Cooking utensils, measuring cups and little cooking knick-knacks can really kill our dream of that perfectly organized kitchen. But fear not, pegboards are your friend! This is especially a great idea if you're lacking drawers in your kitchen via The Food Network.

Are you lacking shelf space? Use this idea from HDTV to double your cabinet space with under the shelf racks.

Cutting boards and cookie sheets. Those things are as about as difficult to work with as a 3 year old in protest. There's only so much room under the oven, keeping the cutting boards on the counter would defeat the whole purpose of creating kitchen space, and it does us no good to lay them flat in a cabinet to have other stuff stacked on top of it. So... Martha Stewart has once again given us an ingenious idea! Tension rods!

Spices can be so infuriating! Do you alphabetize them, put them in order of size or how much they're used? Needless to say, they're always an unorganized mess by the end of the day. We have a small, medium, and large size answer for you depending on the amount of spices you have and the size of your kitchen. The spicy shelf is a perfect solution someone wanting to store their spices in a cabinet (via Listotic). Here is an awesome DIY from Instructables for a hidden spice rack next to your refrigerator. And although I could not find the DIY for this awesome spice rack, foil and cling wrap, potato, and onion storage all on the back of a pantry door, I thought it should be included as a larger 'all inclusive' solution (via The Owner Builder Network).

As far as the pantry goes... at least we try, right? After mining through tons of step by step articles, I've come to really like these two. I feel like they cater to two different types of 'organizers'. The 'artsy organizer' and a little bit of the 'OCD organizer'. I love the Bless'er House's most frugal way to organize a pantry, it has a very southern-style eclectic cottage feel to it. I also love the super-organization and how she summarized and explained herself in Blue i Style. Either way, you can't lose!

With these tips on how to organize your kitchen, you're sure to conquer the clutter and feel a little less overwhelmed! And if you just... can't, remember that West Domestic CAN! We are here to help with all of your organizational needs in any room of the house!