How To Keep a Nursery Clean

We’re really gearing up for warmer weather and in the spirit of the first day of spring, we’ve compiled a list of ways to keep that new baby nursery clean. We’d also love to hear any tips and tricks that you swear by in the comments below!

  1. Sanitize Toys & Baby Items Regularly

    Since babies explore their world with their mouths, it’s important to sanitize your little one's favorite toys once a week. Wipe each toy down with disinfectant, and then rinse them with water or a wet cloth. Investing in machine-washable toys, and regularly washing them can keep germs at bay. If your little one is allergy-prone, store soft toys in the freezer for a period of 24 hours before washing. Hot water is an excellent alternative as well.     

  2. Create a Sanitation Station

    Keep nursery germs to a minimum by having sanitation supplies at arm’s reach. Set up a designated area near your changing table with antibacterial hand sanitizer and alcohol towelettes to easily clean and sterilize your baby’s thermometer or other essential items.

  3. Eliminate The Clutter

    Less clutter makes for quicker cleaning. Need help containing the mess? You’ll find tons of tips for storing and organizing your baby’s toys and clothes right here. In lieu of fashioning written labels for toy bins or boxes, create picture labels for each storage container. As your child matures, he or she can begin to take responsibility for sorting toys according to the simple pictographs you have provided. 

  4. Laundry Once a Week

    The laundry probably already seems endless but we recommend changing your baby’s bedding at least once a week, even if it seems clean. Even drool and minor diaper leaks can cause unseen bacteria to grow. A weekly wash of blankets, sheets, pillowcases, and mattress pads in hot water of approximately 130 degrees should do the trick!

  5. Keep Floors Clean

    Babies spend a lot of time on the floor, which means cleaning regularly are essential! Carpet can quickly become a breeding ground for dust mites and even mold. If you have a carpeted nursery we recommend vacuuming twice a week and for wood floors, wash weekly with a vinegar and water mixture to kill germs but keep your baby safe.

  6. Clean Germ-Harboring "Hot Spots" Frequently

    Doing a quick once over once per week can stop nursery germs in their tracks. Commonly touched surfaces like door handles and crib rails, and other areas such as changing tables and diaper genie’s provide an excellent breeding ground for germs and bacteria. A weekly wipe-down with a disinfectant wipe is a great way to ensure germs and bacteria don’t continue to fester! Just be sure to keep all cleaning supplies clearly marked and out of reach.

  7. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaners

    We’ve said it before - eco-friendly cleaners are not only better for the environment - they're better for your family! Most cleaning products are full of dangerous chemicals called VOCs. It’s important to select cleaning products labeled “nontoxic,” “biodegradable in three to five days,” or “plant-based, as they’ll likely be gentler and safer than generic labels. Check out our post on why we use Bissell Better Life products!