Hardwood Floor Care Routine

Our hardwood floors are one of our biggest investments and most people struggle to maintain them properly. Luckily, we’ve put together a hardwood floor care routine that’s easy to slip into your busy schedule.

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DAILY // Sweep & Dust

A quick sweep goes a long way! We know it’s hard to squeeze in ANY cleaning with a busy schedule but a quick sweep at the end of the day will go a long way! It ensure that your floors are always looking tidy and will prevent you from having to dedicate too much time when you’re ready to vacuum or mop at the end of the week.

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WEEKLY // Vacuum & Mop

Vacuuming and mopping the floor is such a necessity in a busy home - especially if you have animals. If you’re already maintaining the floors by dry dusting or sweeping, the weekly vacuum and mopping shouldn’t take long! Remember to set the vacuum to the care floor function to avoid any scratching. For mopping, we advise on using wood-floor-specific cleaner to avoid any harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the floors sealing.

MONTHLY // Polish

Most people aren’t aware that polishing your wood floors is a key task that helps maintain the integrity of the wood. Polishing renews and refreshed the finish that protects your floor, so doing this once a month will ensure your wood floors are staying protected. Don’t forget to use a wood-floor-specific polish. Furniture wax or other cleaners will only leave a residue behind and will make your floors dangerously slippery!


YEARLY // Deep Clean & Refinish

Every 3-5 years we suggest investing in a steam clean and refinish. This is a great way to increase the value of your home before selling, or to have a fresh start with beautiful new-looking wood floors for you and your family to enjoy.