7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer


With summer about halfway through, we’re on the homestretch before it's back to binders and backpacks! It can be hard to keep the kids entertained but with summer coming to a close, we’ve listed a few unique ways that you can up the anty :).

Backyard stargazing

Is there really anything better than looking up at the star-filled sky on a warm summer night? Sometimes we take the most simple of things for granted, like a beautiful night sky full fo stars. Make it special by whipping up some star-gazing snacks or special treats that the kids can enjoy while lying on the over-sized blanket in the grass staring up at the sky.

Meet friends at the local playground for a picnic

Especially with young toddlers, it’s hard to keep them occupied while they’re exploring EVERYTHING! It can be exhausting trying to wrangle them, while still ensuring they’re getting out of the house and getting the socialization that they need. Packing up the summer cooler with some snacks and refreshing drinks can be the perfect way to turn an ordinary park play date into a fun afternoon activity.

Sidewalk Foam Paint

Stepping up the typical sidewalk chalk, outdoor foam paint is both fun and easily washable! We recommend suiting the kids up and pulling out the sprinkler and splash table one it’s all said and done to wash away the fun.

Backyard camping

As a kid, this is seriously one of the most fun things to do in the summer! Popping up the tent and making it cozy with pillows and sleeping bags is the ultimate backyard retreat. Make a night of it by having a bonfire to roast some marshmallows and keep the s’mores a comin’!

DIY Bird Feeder

A great way to instill the value of taking care of nature and the creatures that live in it! A quick stop at the hobby store should get you everything you need to set up your outdoor craft table. We recommend setting up an assembly-line type station where kids have set tasks at each stop, in order to keep the chaos to a minimum and their full attention on the current task!

Berry Picking

One of our favorite summer activities in North Carolina! Packing up a full basket or two with fresh strawberries is not only a great activity that kids can get involved in, but lends itself to more fun once you get home! Plan a couple of simple recipes that include strawberries so they can see all their hard word turned into a delicious treat!

Take a Late Night Walk

With the crazy summer heat, sometimes it’s just too hot to stay outside for long periods of time. Once the sun goes down, the heat starts to dissipate and it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long summer day. You can bring snacks or beverages to munch or sip along the way!