7 Things To Clean To Avoid The Flu


High-touch surface areas in your home are the most susceptible for housing nasty germs. Every year the flu virus affects up to 20% of the U.S. population (CDC) and essentially wreaks havoc on your immune system - and your home! Although it’s a good idea to keep your entire home routinely clean during flu season, there are a few key items you can hit to hopefully decrease your chances of getting the flu.

Everyone has different habits, but the kitchen is arguably the most-used room in a house. Whether it’s intended or not, it’s where we spend most of our time and where family tends to congregate. This makes it the first few items on our list for cleaning. I would recommend doing a quick walk-through of your house, as if you were just getting home, to see where your specific high-traffic areas and surfaces are. Pay close attention to the first couple of things that you touch first and be sure to add them to your list if they’re not included in the below!

For most surfaces, I would recommend using a natural cleaning product and actively wipe them down a few times throughout the day. You can purchase special cleaners for iPad, phone and computer screens, or I typically use just a bit of natural cleaning product on a microfiber to swipe and swipe across the front and back.

We prefer to use an all natural product but during flu season, if requested and approved, we will use an all-purpose with bleach on a variety of surfaces within a home to minimize growing and spreading of the flu virus.

  1. Kitchen Countertops

  2. Laptops

  3. Light Switches

  4. Doorknobs

  5. TV remote

  6. Faucets

  7. Cell Phone & iPads