5 Simple Tips to Impress Your House Guet

1. Empty The Trash

This is a big one! It sounds super simple, and maybe even a little obvious, but it’s the little things like this that don’t go unnoticed and makes your home feel put together. Don’t forget a liner (and not a Target bag ;)) to give it that finishing touch.

Trash Can.jpg

2. Fresh Sheets With Linen Spray

Is there really anything better than getting into a nicely made-up bed with fresh, clean sheets on it? I think not! Go the extra mile and spritz the top sheet and comforter with a light linen spray. I recommend some type of lavender scent for it’s calming, soothing capabilities that help promote restful sleep.  

Twin Beds Made.jpg

3. Snack Drawer & Drinks

Does it honestly get any better than this? Perfect for all houseguests, especially kids! Making quick, healthy snack readily available avoids your houseguests from feeling like they’re starving but either don’t want to ask or go rummaging through your pantry! This gives them the freedom to grab something if they’re feeling a little snacky and they don’t have to bother you or feel like an inconvenience for doing so. Before having guests, I always stock a shelf in the fridge with a variety of beverages to make it easily accessible. A variety of drinks I like to have handy are individual water bottles, alcoholic beverages and soda or juice.

Snack Drawer 2.jpg

4. Coffee Bar Setup

Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, chances are pretty good that one or more of your guests are! Nothing is more homey than waking up in the morning and being able to self sufficiently make a cup of coffee or espresso. Make sure you’ve got everything set out or at least visible, so that your houseguests don’t need to go hunting in every cabinet or drawer in search of a cup or spoon.

Coffee Bar 2.jpg

5. Cozy Blankets

This is another one that may seem very obvious, but there’s nothing worse than being a guest in someone’s home and not having a blanket to curl up with at the end of the day to relax with. I typically place 1-2 of them on the backs of couches or chairs in the sitting and lounging areas.

Cozy Blanket 2.jpg

Pro-Tip: Customization

Is there anything in particular you can think of that they like, or would make their stay more enjoyable? This can apply to all of the tips above. Do they have a particular type of coffee that they like to drink in the morning? Do they have any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) that you could plan for in advance? Any small token to show that you went out of your way to ensure their comfort is always noticed and appreciated!